SocialFi is a blockchain platform that combines social networking with finance. SocialFi may be seen of as a new "variation" of DeFi that emphasizes decentralization, openness, and user empowerment. As a result, SocialFi will be strongly associated with two other concepts: Web 3.0 and DAO.

Social To Earn

HON is not an ordinary encrypted token. We introduce blockchain to social networking, turn individual values into social ones, and provide you with long-term revenues.

Currency benefits
Digital signs(simulation)

As the only governance token, HON will generate greater application value in the growing community.

Total number of message boards in the current community
Token distribution



Total Supply:

50000000 HON

Transaction fee 8%(LP Bonus 5% + Marketing 2% + Destroy 1%

Cooperative Partner
Development planning

    Stage I

    Website building

    Issue token by social donation

    Launch first DEX

    Media and wallet information recording

    Stage II

    Launch social features

    Launch community rewards

    Open NFT trading platform

    Launch the features of creators and governors

    Launch tipping feature

    Stage III

    Establish a DAO

    Advertising space for auction

    CEX online trading

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